Company Registration

What is the meaning of Incorporation?

The establishment of a company by the enterprise as an investor is carried out with capital investment activities, preparation of facilities for operations such as offices, headquarters, warehouses, technical machinery and equipment, vehicles and equipment. means of transport… suitable for the purpose of goods production and service business. On the other hand, setting up a company is an administrative procedure. The subject shall register at a competent state agency and be legally recognized when having an enterprise registration certificate.

What should you pay attention to when setting up a company?

Company name
Company address
type of business
Cost of setting up a company
Original tax return
Open a bank account
Register to use e-invoices
Register to buy digital signature (token)
Set up a company sign

How to choose the right type of company

1. Case 1: Where there is only 1 individual or 1 organization contributing capital
It is mandatory to establish a one-member limited liability company or a private enterprise.
With more than 16 years of experience in company formation and tax accounting, we recommend that you register for a one-member limited liability company, which will have more favorable legal and tax policies than a private enterprise.
2. Case 2: There are 2 capital contributors
It is mandatory to establish a limited liability company with 2 or more members.
This type is similar to a one-member limited liability company, with only two capital contributors, you must choose one person to act as the legal representative (director).
3. Case 3: There are 3 or more capital contributors
Option 1: It is still possible to establish a limited company if the number of capital-contributing members does not exceed 50 people;
Option 2: Establishing a joint-stock company, a joint-stock company with no limit on the number of capital contributing members.

1. Initial tax return

Prepare and submit tax returns to corporate tax authorities. Refer to Anpha’s service for only 500,000 VND in Southern provinces, Western provinces and 1,000,000 VND in Northern and Central provinces, Central Highlands.

2. Open a bank account
Choose a bank with conditions to open a business account at the bank. some popular banks such as; Vietcombank, techcombank, Sacombank, Dong A bank, Public bank,…

3. Register to use e-invoices
TNS supports composing free documents and advises on all information and regulations related to invoices such as: choosing invoice providers, how to use invoices, how to handle wrong invoices…

4. Register to buy digital signature (token)
Buy Viettel-CA digital signature device from VND 1,350,000 / 12 months to carry out electronic procedures such as tax payment, social insurance declaration, online tax declaration, customs declaration, online transactions …

5. Put company signs
Ordered as a company name board 200,000 VND / 20x30cm mica board with good material. This is a mandatory condition and will be checked by the tax authority before approving the business to issue invoices.

Company registration at TSN.

1. Only 1,000,000 VND – No costs

The total cost of establishment that the business has to pay is only 1,000,000 VND, including 250,000 VND service fee of TSN and 750,000 VND state fee to set up the business (no other fees are incurred).

2. Free consultation from A – Z

Directly consulted by a team of lawyers on business codes, charter capital, company establishment conditions, etc. in accordance with the business requirements of each enterprise.

3. Completion speed

Within 120 minutes, TSN Accountant will complete the set of establishment documents quickly according to the requirements of the business.

4. Commitment on time

Within 3 days, TSN Accountant will represent the enterprise to receive the business license and legal entity seal at the business registration office where the enterprise is headquartered.

5. Free Delivery

Free door-to-door services include: submitting to customers to sign the establishment documents at home, handing over business licenses and company seals to their homes. At the same time, the service is only available at TSN, customers do not need to go to the Department of Planning and Investment, do not need to go to an authorized notary, do not need to notarize ID cards, passports… TSN accountants will complete all necessary procedures instead. your face do the legal procedures. .

6. Putting the interests of customers first

Consulting and supporting wholeheartedly the procedures after the establishment of the company with the motto “Customer’s interests come first”. TSN will ask Anpha’s partners such as Viettel, Mobiphone, banks, digital signature units … to directly support the necessary services after establishment for businesses.

7. Free tax advice, tax accounting support

The company registration procedure is the initial stage but only a very small part in the operation process of a business. Post-establishment issues, especially tax, accounting… are important issues and directly affect business operations. As a leading company in the field of tax accounting, TSN will advise on tax calculation methods, taxes, invoices… so that businesses can both operate legally and optimize business activities. compulsory tax.

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