Service Accounting

1. What is accounting service?
service concept

Services are economic products including jobs in the form of physical labor, organizational ability, management qualifications, knowledge and specialized skills to serve the needs of production and business activities. or consumption by an organization. organizations and individuals. In the market economy, the activities of providing services are very diverse and abundant

accounting concept

Accounting is simply understood as the work of recording, receiving, processing, checking, analyzing and providing economic and financial information in the form of value, in kind and labor time of an individual. organization. , enterprises, government agencies, private business establishments…. Accounting is an important part of economic management.

The concept of accounting services

Accounting services is an area where we focus on investing in knowledge as well as practical experience. Our team of chief accountants, tax specialists and attorneys have years of experience in helping clients create effective tax and accounting solutions for their business transactions and operations. business on the basis of compliance with the provisions of the law.

2. What is accounting service?
The work of accounting services includes:
General advice on tax, accounting, tax policy and incentives related to investment and business activities of customers;
Introduce the optimal tax and accounting solutions for the expected transactions of customers;
Drafting dossiers and representing customers to carry out tax declaration procedures, enjoying tax incentives, tax exemption, tax reduction, tax refund;
Check invoices and vouchers; accounting for arising economic transactions;
Prepare and submit tax declarations, financial statements, reports on the use of invoices, etc. in accordance with the law;
Notify customers of payable tax amounts (if any) and tax payment deadlines;
Completing accounting books in accordance with the provisions of law;
Consulting and representing customers to work with tax authorities to solve arising problems;
Other jobs depending on the actual situation of the business

3. Conditions for providing accounting services
According to the 2015 accounting law, an enterprise may establish an accounting service company when it fully meets the following conditions:
a) Having an accountant's certificate or an auditor's certificate

According to Article 57 of the 2015 Accounting Law, a person who is granted an accountant certificate must fully meet the following criteria:

Having professional ethics, honesty, integrity, a sense of law observance;
Possessing a university degree or higher majoring in finance, accounting, auditing or other majors as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance;
Pass the exam to get an accountant's license.
b) Having a certificate of registration for accounting service practice
c) When opening a company providing accounting services, an enterprise may only be established in the following forms:
Limited liability company with two or more members
Private enterprise.
Household business

d) An accounting service enterprise may not contribute capital to establish another accounting service enterprise, except for the case of capital contribution with a foreign accounting service enterprise to establish another accounting service enterprise. Accounting services in Vietnam.
e) Foreign accounting service enterprises provide accounting services in Vietnam in the following forms:
Contributing capital with an accounting service enterprise established and operating in Vietnam to establish an accounting service business;
Establishing a branch of a foreign accounting service enterprise;
Providing cross-border services as prescribed by the Government.
e) An enterprise may only establish an accounting service company when it fully meets the business conditions prescribed above and is granted a Certificate of eligibility to provide accounting services.
4. Process of performing accounting services

– Making legal documents with tax authorities.

– Carrying out procedures for issuing invoices.

– Receive invoices, vouchers, books about the company.

– Declare and submit tax reports such as: License tax, VAT, PIT.

– Prepare reports on the use of invoices.

– Declare and submit quarterly CIT provisional report.

– Prepare and complete accounting vouchers.

– Prepare annual financial report.

– Prepare annual PIT and CIT finalization report.

– Organize and maintain accounting records.

5.1. Declare value added tax

Value-added tax accountants must comply with both the accounting regime and the Law on Value-Added Tax and guiding decrees and circulars. Therefore, the VAT declaration is required to minimize errors, affecting the responsibilities and interests of organizations, individuals and businesses.

5.2. Declare corporate income tax

Corporate income tax is a compulsory contribution issued by the State through law. How many types of corporate taxes are there? Taxes are divided according to different criteria. Based on taxable objects, we have income tax, consumption tax, and property tax. Based on the method of taxation, we have indirect taxes and direct taxes.

5.3. Personal income tax declaration

Individuals earning incomes from salaries and wages must pay personal income tax (PIT) according to regulations

5.4. Select invoice

Invoices play an important role in customer relations, helping to avoid legal risks associated with financial matters.

5.5. Selection of accounting regime and method of depreciation of fixed assets

Depreciation of fixed assets is related to the wear and tear of assets, which is the gradual decrease in value and use value due to participation in the production and business process, natural wear and tear or due to scientific progress. technology. Some fixed assets that are often depreciated are machinery, furniture, office equipment, etc.

6. Benefits of using accounting services

The use of accounting services will help businesses save costs, human resources and bring maximum efficiency through consulting and guiding the implementation of accounting procedures, tax procedures and tax returns. Tax in accordance with regulations from the company providing the service. In addition, accounting service companies also contribute to reducing the burden of accounting for businesses.

7. Accounting services at ACC GROUP
Cost savings: When using accounting services, your business does not need to recruit more accountants. From there, it will save a lot of costs on personnel, tables and chairs, cabinets, computers, accounting software, etc. The cost of accounting services will be based on the corresponding workload of your business. What is certain is that this will be a lot cheaper than running an accounting department at your business.
Many years of experience in the field of accounting: ACC GROUP is a gathering place of good accountants, many years of experience with the ability to work extremely effectively. We are committed to ensuring the data is always accurate and complete.
As a large company in the field of financial and accounting reporting, Fast Quality has a lot of reputation to ensure that they will take full responsibility if there are any errors caused to the business.
Stay up to date with the latest information on accounting and tax laws quickly.
Fast construction: We have a large staff, so we can complete it in the shortest time.
More benefits: Businesses using accounting services will be supported with cost optimization consulting to ensure they pay the lowest fees and taxes.




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